Monday, January 31, 2011

Slim Goodies - dirty hands in the kitchen

I always liked Slim Goodies. They have a fantastic breakfast menu, and the Veggie Slammer, as it states on the menu, is a killer cure for a hangover. The waitstaff is appropriately apathetic (in that indie, too-cool-for-school kind of way) and the photography on the walls is awesome. The coffee isn't half bad too.

Recently, though, I heard something that made me think twice about eating there. A friend of mine, a Coast Guard chef, told me about the downright gross sanitary standards in the kitchen at this local breakfast eatery.

When you first walk into Slim Goodies, there are a few booths and a counter that is attached to the kitchen. I have never sat at the counter myself, but my source has, and he ended up throwing his entire dish away.

"It was pretty gross," he told me over a drink the other night, "I saw one cook sneeze into his bare hand and then go right on preparing someone's dish... another went from handling raw meat to handling fresh fruit without washing his hands. That's some nasty cross-contamination."

Now this information comes to me through another party, so I can't verify its truth. However, I wouldn't post it if I didn't trust the source. I like the food there but now I'm unsure of what else, aside from eggs and chili, might have been lingering in my slammer.

Sometime in the next month I'll head back and sit at the counter to see for my own eyes, but until then: order at your own risk.
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