Monday, February 28, 2011

Buffa's - Best Late Night Food in Town

Photo Taken From Buffa's Facebook

I never thought bar food could actually wow me. Buffa's Bar was one of the two bars I went to this weekend that absolutely killed it in the kitchen. Honestly, even without the food I'd probably still want to hang at this spot. The darkly-lit, single small room (side note: there is a non smoking dining area in the back) with a bar, jukebox and a couple tables is my kind of scene.

I showed up with a kid from the neighborhood, and it became clear to me that almost everyone in the bar was also from the neighborhood. The bartenders and patrons were swapping stories about old friends ("Isn't he in jail in Thailand?" etc) and chatting about the weather as they drank. By the time I finished my meal I was sold. You will be hard pressed to find me at any other dive bar when I make it downtown.

The Good
-Where to start? The fries are a gift from God. Crunchy on the outside, melt in your mouth hot on the inside.
-I had one of the best black bean burgers I've ever eaten. That's right fellow vegetarians, a black bean burger in New Orleans. So. Good.
-Aside from Crystal at every table, there were three shelves of hot sauces in the back room.
-Great jukebox selection as well as good people picking the music.

The Not-so-Good
I'm hard pressed to think of anything. I mean, the bathrooms were regular bar bathrooms (welcome to New  Orleans) and the bar stools didn't have cushions.

Good to Know
-As of recently, Buffa's has started taking credit cards. So bust em out and get drunk!
-They do have feta in their selection of sandwich cheese on their menu. I got some on my fries.
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