Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dive Bars in New Orleans - Part I

Here are some of my favorite dive bars listed by area. I'm sure, as I find more, the list will grow.

Snake n' Jakes Christmas Club Lounge
Crowd: Hemingway-loving hipsters, casual alcoholics, crazy neighborhood regulars
Decor/Interior: What was once an old tractor shed is now the grungiest bar in the city. No windows, a few couches and tables strewn around.
Good to know: Open until at least sunrise on weekdays, don't bother showing up before 2AM, no one but the bartender will be there.

Crowd: All local, most live within walking distance
Decor/Interior: Basic squeaky barstools and a few tables across from the bar.
Good to Know: If I remember right there's free pool/ping pong, although the pool table has a definite lean.

Uptown/Garden District:
The Club Ms. Mae's
Crowd: Severe alcoholics, party animals, and people going to or coming from a show at Tip's down the street.
Decor/Interior: Grime and spilled drinks, a pool table and air hockey table, a jukebox that almost exclusively plays metal.
Good to Know: Due to changed ownership, the drink prices are now $2- single well drinks, $3 - double well drinks, $3-5 Call, $4-7 Premium. Open 24/7 365 days a year

Crowd:All ages and sizes.
Decor/Interior: Wire mattress springs hang on the ceilings with barbies and other random objects stuck in them, two pool tables, places to sit at the bar and at tables.
Good to Know:You have to be buzzed into the bar, so don't feel rejected by a locked door.

Brother's Three Lounge
Crowd: Seedy - off duty strip club managers, bartenders and other rabble
Decor/Interior: Shotgun style setup, bar and barstools in the front and a pool table in the back.
Good to Know: It's a good getaway from Magazine St's more pretentious establishments.

Milan Lounge
Crowd: Cubs fans and dart players
Decor/Interior: Nice bar and a few tables but it gets packed easily.
Good to Know: Don't order beer on tap. I don't think those pipes have been cleaned in years.

The King Pin Bar
Crowd: Local kids, lots of piercings and tats
Decor/Interior: Sweet music art, pretty nice bar, clean bathrooms for the ladies
Good to Know: It's a quieter place, so it's great for conversation/relaxed drinking

Lower Garden District/CBD:
The Saint Bar & Lounge
Crowd: Used to be a little seedier, now it's mostly kids under thirty
Decor/Interior: Patio out back, decent bar area with a few tables.
Good to Know: Great jukebox selection and a working photo booth across from the bar. Also, last time I was there I was shooting moonshine, so if you're into that kind of thing...

The Bridge Lounge
Crowd: Loyal neighbors and kids under the age of 35
Decor/Interior: Classic bar setup with a large area with plenty of seating
Good to Know: The bar is always way too packed on Tuesdays for trivia night.

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