Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Radiators 33rd Anniversary Weekend

After 33 years of playing, the Rads are finally getting ready to close up shop. So far their final tour has been charged with fans who all want to catch the band together one last time. This weekend at Tipitina's should be a wicked party as the band rocks out in its hometown.

Honestly I'm both relieved and excited that they're playing on both Friday and Saturday. The Tipitina's 30th anniversary show last Friday was way too packed to be comfortable. Of course, there will be many repeat offenders (like me and my friends) but the general crowd will be a little less heavy than if they crammed it all into one night.

The shows will be hosted by Da Grand Pooba, who I had a chance to meet the other day. He's as nice as he is funny - definitely a Cali kind of guy. He'll be decked out in Benjammin tie-dye from head to foot. Benjammin dyes are literally are pieces of wearable artwork. All of the walls at Tip's will be covered in tie-dyed tapestries. I will also be decked out from head to foot in a tie-dyed body suit while I sell Benjammin wares at the shows (heads up to any tie-dye fans out there, bring some extra cash).

Get ready for one badass weekend.

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