Monday, January 24, 2011

The Radiators Anniversary Shows at Tips - After the fact

The Radiators killed it this weekend.

Both Friday and Saturday were packed at Tipitina's as the Radiators played two full sets - going till at least 2:30 in the morning both nights.

I showed up on Friday afternoon to help Benjammin' deck Tips out in massive tie dye tapestries. The effect was incredible - the balcony and stage lined with tapestries in Mardi Gras colors. Ben also set up a set of projectors for his tie dye inspired light show, which would be projected onto Professor Longhair's face above the stage. 

On Friday night, Honey Island Swamp Band opened for the Rads, starting around 9:30. They are a great country band, and although their style is completely different than the Rads, they had the crowd going right off the bat. Pooba, the show's host, came out at 11:11 to introduce the band and everything beyond that was a blur of color and jam music. Frenchy painted the band that first night as well, next to Benjammin as he controlled the light show.

On Saturday, the Walrus, a local Beatles cover band, started the show. Their opening set was a little quieter, with less of a crowd watching the show. Once it got closer to 11pm again, the house was packed. The band was great, and there were a few moments when the more devoted fans got pretty emotional. All in all it was a really fun show.

One of the only problems I had with my entire experience had to do with Tip's itself. The bar was so packed that it took twenty minutes to get a drink upstairs (where it is usually less crowded) because the bar was understaffed with only two people making drinks. Since I knew I didn't want to wait that long again, I got myself four shots of Maker's Mark on the rocks which was both a great and terrible idea.

The crowd downstairs was a bit too devoted at times. When I was trying to push through to get to stage left to go backstage, people kept telling me to turn back, or wouldn't move for me. When I tried to tell them that I wasn't going to take their spot, that I was only interested in making sure my boss was happy, they either didn't care or became even more obstinate. I can understand the frustration of a packed house, but that's no reason to be rude towards your fellow fans. Everyone is just trying to enjoy the music, folks.

All in all, this was one of those weekends that the attendees will never forget and that the people who missed out will always wish they had been there.

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