Tuesday, January 25, 2011

St. Joe's Bar - Magazine Street

Last night I checked out St. Joe's on magazine for the first time. I stopped in around dinner time for a quick whiskey-on-the-rocks aperitif with a friend who suggested the place. I didn't get much further than the first seat available, but from the bar I definitely liked what I saw.

St. Joe's was appropriately dark for the rainy evening outside. The low lighting was accented by the classic neon bar signs and old rich wood of the bar. Almost every bar stool was filled with people of all ages, all quietly enjoying their own conversations. At that early hour I figured most of the patrons were regulars; most knew the bartender by first name and a few knew everyone else in the crowd (except for my friend and me).

The bartender was really nice. Even when he was absorbed in conversation at the other end of the bar he still kept one eye out for drinks that were running low. He never forgot what bourbon I had ordered, which was nice because after a few of them I had begun to forget myself.

My friend told me that St. Joe's is known for their blueberry mojitos. I'm not a big fan of sugary drinks, so I didn't order one, but I saw the bartender serving them to numerous people while I sat there.

I would imagine that this place gets pretty packed at night. It's small enough that even an average crowd would pack the place. I liked the evening ambience, but if I saw a large crowd inside I doubt I'd even walk in.

If you're going to/coming from dinner on Magazine St. this is definitely a good place to stop off.

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