Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surrey's Cafe - Lower Garden District

New Orleans has this random sect of breakfast places that all serve gourmet-ish, super fresh, relatively original eggy concoctions. I don't know if Surrey's Cafe started the trend, but as far as I've seen, they're leading the pack.

The Good:
-The Banana's Foster French Toast is fantastic. I'm not usually one for sweet breakfast dishes (there's something sickly tasting about sweet stuff in the morning), but a few bites of this dish definitely made me happy. If you're a pancakes/waffles kind of person - go with this.
-The sandwich menu looked delicious. I was feeling breakfast when I went, but the spread looked inventive and definitely worth trying.
-Yummy biscuits. Very homemade looking, pretty damned tasty.

The Not-as-Good:
-The Huevos Rancheros dish that I ordered wasn't bad, just ordinary. The black beans etc were all fine, but they skimped on the avocado. It's basically the same Huevos Rancheros you can get anywhere.
-The coffee was stale. I'm a coffee person. I like good coffee. With everything else in Surrey's being homemade and delicious, I was surprised that their coffee failed so hard.
-The Carrot Juice was chunky. I showed up a half hour before closing, so I don't know if everyone was just tired of cooking at that point (might explain the coffee too) or if that's just their style. I didn't enjoy it too much.

Good to Know:
-There's usually a hefty wait in the mornings. When they say 45 minutes, they mean 45 minutes. I tried calling ahead once and it didn't work. Don't go if it's cold, raining or before noon on a weekend.
-They're only open till 3pm so factor that in to your drinking/sleeping habits too.
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