Monday, March 28, 2011

Hogs for the Cause at City Park in Retrospect

The tickets were cheap (with money to a good cause) and the music lineup was awesome at first glance. I didn't try the food (vegetarian alert), but my friends who did were pretty happy with what they ate. Not only did I see a few bands I already like, but I  got to hear at least one I'd go see again.

Amanda Shaw was a little spitfire - playing killer fiddle and singing louder than I thought anyone her size could. Girl's got range, energy and a damned good voice.

Honey Island Swamp Band was good as always. They played favorites from both of their albums and kept the crowd dancing. They also did a sweet set with members of Soul Rebels, who had a set right after. The Soul Rebels Brass Band complemented the rest of the lineup nicely - giving the audience a good segue from country to rock/jam band music.

Anders Osborne followed up after a short break in music to announce the winners of the cook off. I never figured out who actually won - I was too busy dunking my friend in the Squeal BBQ dunking booth. Anders killed it though. I'll never get sick of hearing him play guitar.

I didn't catch much of the Radiators. I had already had a full day of drinking and had seen the band the night before at the Maple Leaf. The sky, towards this point in the evening, was an amazing shade of purple so I wandered around staring at it before heading home.

All in all, the fest was great. Next year they should lay out a few more signs throughout City Park to let people know where it is. While getting lost trying to find it, Jill and I gathered a group of eight other people who were all walking in different directions trying to find the field. Once I got there I had a blast though and will absolutely be back next year.

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