Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snake and Jakes Christmas Club Lounge - My favorite dive bar in New Orleans

Photo taken from Snakes website
For the first six months that I knew of Snake and Jake's existence, I had no idea where the bar was. I would show up around 3am close to blackout drunk with a few friends. It wasn't until I was walking by during the day that I actually saw the windowless converted tractor shed from the outside. The only indicator or its purpose was the word "BAR" painted in block letters next to the door. For a few months I frequented the bar every Monday night to play cards with friends. More recently it's become my post Maple Leaf hang spot. It is the darkest, dirtiest most badass place I've ever ordered a drink.

The Good
-This is the ultimate dive experience. There are no windows, a few broken down couches and a few tables. No surface is clean and locals take up most of the seats.
-There are some interesting characters who hang there. Sometimes the crowd gets a little too hipster-intellectual for my taste (usually the earlier late crowd on weekends - the ones who can't make it past 2am) but for the most part you'll have either a very good or a very drunk conversation.
-Usually the bar stays open till sunrise or later - depending on how the bartenders feel about staying.

The not so Good
-It's a dive, folks. The bathrooms are disgusting.
-The space is small and gets packed easily - which means there may or may not be seating when you get there.
-That hipster-intellectual crowd I mentioned before can't really hold their liquor. Women, get ready to be hit on. They're pretty easy to brush off though (silly pacifists)

Good to know
-They do not, under any circumstances, serve anything with energy drinks. Which really makes a lot of sense (the last thing a bartender needs is a drunk kid getting hyped up at 5 in the morning)
-They do accept credit cards - so get ready to blow all of your hard earned money on girls you won't remember and drinks you'll eventually throw up.
-No one really starts showing up till 12:30-1am. Before that it's just the neighborhood alcoholics.

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