Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Loews Hotel - Great for an evening drink

Last Wednesday I stopped in at the Loews Hotel Swizzle Stick Bar on my way home from Wednesdays at the Square. I've actually been going to quite a few hotel lounges lately, and so far the Loews is my favorite. The decor is typical for a hotel: plush cream colored couched and bar stools, mirrors and art everywhere and little nook-like seating areas. There are, though, some factors that made it better than most of the other lounges I've seen.

The Good
-Damned good Sazeracs. Damned. Good.
-The bar/restaurant is actually run by the Commanders Palace family of restaurants, so the food is probably killer (still on a bit of a budget when it comes to food myself).
-Personable yet professional barstaff - they kept the place clean while keeping up a conversation.
-The atmosphere was quiet and calm. There wasn't some silly jazz band playing or drunk tourists all over the place. Just a few people having a few drinks.

The Not-So-Good
-As with any hotel lounge, it was pricey.
 Good to Know
-Ladies, the bathroom was a bit hard to find. It's to the left and down the hall. Don't be confused if you walk through the door into yet another hall - it's one of those fancy sitting rooms.
-The kitchen stays open till 11 - maybe a good place for a mid-evening snack?

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